Dry contact, wet contact and a peristaltic pump!

Dry contact, wet contact and a peristaltic pump! 

The terms and use of the terms wet and dry contact can be confusing. 


We can think of dry contact as a contact in which power is not supplied to a circuit by a switch, but instead, supplied by an external power source.Relay is an example. 

The difference between dry and wet contact  is all about the source of the power. 


With wet contact we can think of a sensor that switches on and off depending on temperature level. The entire circuit is powered by one power source, in this case 24VDC. 

That contact is wet. 

On other hand if that sensor would trigger a relay that would switch on a pump that is powered by 220V AC - that contact would be now a  dry contact. 

Below is a schematic of the Peristaltic Pump powered by Panther stepper motor controlled controller - triggered by a relay.


If you would like help with choosing the pump give us a shout. We specialise in peristaltic pump controllers.

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Relay Peristaltic Pump Stepper Motor Controller