Get your 114ST Watson-Marlow (WMFTG) OEM peristaltic pump running with our stepper motor driver.

Thanks to our control board get your 114ST OEM peristaltic pump running QUIETLY in less than a MINUTE without any prior technical knowledge and benefit from all the advantages offered by stepper motors.

Direct Drive 4X longer life 114ST SilentControlBoards Trinamic

No gearbox ⛔ ⚙️ =

👉 Lower cost
👉 Lower noise
👉 Lower weight
👉 Smooth operation
👉 Full torque at lowest speeds
👉 Smaller footprint
👉 No leaking gearbox
👉 Longer Life
👉 Easy to control
👉 Easy to install

We use TRINAMIC TMC2209 ultra-silent motor driver IC for two phase stepper motors.

Start/Stop, Change Direction, Max speed, Change speed, Remote Control, Programmable and other functions...

👌 Digital motor 0️⃣1️⃣ superior control

👌 Quiet 🤫 stepper motors don't have to be loud

👌 Support 🤝 we will take you through all the steps to get your application running




The 114ST OEM pump is suitable for continuous or intermittent use up to 600rpm and 510 ml/min. It is the ideal pump for high accuracy dosing applications. Unique features for use in a wide range of applications in the dental, surgical, medical, clinical diagnostics, biotech and food and beverage sectors. 


For help choosing a stepper motor for your application, TAILOR made control boards for your specific application or any additional questions you might have live chat with our engineers on our website or email us on