How are peristaltic pumps powered?

Peristaltic pumps are powered in most applications by an electric motor. It could be:  

👉stepper motor

👉brushless motor

👉brushed motor

👉AC Induction motor

We have seen applications where peristaltic pump-head was powered by diesel, petrol  and even water powered motors. 

In short any device that has a spinning shaft with enough power can power a peristaltic pump. 

How are peristaltic pumps powered

👉The optimal way is the direct drive method.

Most of the solutions above require a gearbox. Direct drive means there is no gearbox. Gearbox is an expensive part that takes up space and makes noise. 

Stepper motors do not require a gearbox because of the amazing turndown ratio. 

Historically they have been very difficult to control. Due to recent advances in technology  that has changed. 

When using the right stepper motor controller the motor will run quietly, cool and the setup will be a smooth process. 

Stepper motors are the preferred method of powering the peristaltic pump. 

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