Is a peristaltic pump a stepper motor? 👣 🏍️

You searched Google 🔭 and we answered. 

No, stepper motor is a motor commonly used to power (turn) peristaltic pump-heads, but stepper motor is not a peristaltic pump. Peristaltic pump is a type of pump. 

Stepper Motor Is Not A Peristaltic Pump


Stepper motor is a preferred method to drive a peristaltic pump. 

Stepper motor can drive a peristaltic pump without a gearbox, also this setup is also called direct drive. 

By not having a gearbox we remove all the problems associated with gearbox:





👉Short Life 


Until recently controlling stepper motors was not as straightforward as driving a  brushless motor with a gearbox and often the setup was noisy and had a tendency to overheat. Times have changed and the stepper drivers have advanced but the bad reputation of stepper motors have remained. 

We SilentControlBoards have developed a stepper motor controller specifically designed to drive a peristaltic pump. It's a turnkey solution that runs cool, smooth  and silent. 

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