New Flow Controller System 📈 (small footprint🦶 ) #peristalticpump SONOTEC Ultrasonic Solutions contactless flow sensor 👍

New Flow Controller System 📈 (small footprint🦶 ) works with  #peristalticpump and a SONOTEC Ultrasonic Solutions contactless flow sensor 👍

Silent Control Boards we are proud to be suppling the direct drive solution that drives ⚙️ the pumps. 

Have you ever tried to retrofit an existing bioreactor system to include flow measurement? Do you want to replace scales with flow measurement on one of these systems? Are you looking for a benchtop system to create a pump feedback control loop based on an accurate flow measurement? Do you have the need for an accurate stand-alone volume dosing system?
If so, the FCS controller, coupled with SONOFLOW® sensors, is the answer you are looking for.


New Flow Control System Contactless Non - Invasive