Peristaltic Pump Tube Life Indicator ⏰ 

Peristaltic Tubing Used in a year would go round the Earth 🌎
This is based on in our opinion moderate assumptions: 

>There are 5 million peristaltic pumps in operation and they use 10 meters of tubing a year. 

Would love your comments if you would estimate this number to be different. 

10% improvement in tube life would equate to 5000 km less tubing consumed a year - that is roughly distance between New York and London. 

Maximise your tube life 📈 and minimise the risk of unexpected tubing failure 🚨 👇

👉Panther Direct Drive Solution for Peristaltic Pumps now comes with Tube Life Indicator. 

👉Peristaltic Tube Life Indicator is also compatible with other peristaltic pump drives available on the market.

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Peristaltic Tube Life Indicator