Programmable Peristaltic Pump Stepper Motor Controller 💦


👉Panther can be easily programmed to control multiple co-dependent dispensing cycles. 


One of our customers wanted to use a peristaltic pump for aseptic milk sampling. 

Panther board was programmed to display fill time instead of pump speed and sampling time was set on the controller to match this particular sampling cycle. 

The above program with slight modifications could be applied to so-called peristaltic chemical metering pumps – chlorine pumps, chemical pumps, liquid feeders, to name a few. 

Total Programming Time: 15 minutes. 

Programmable SilentControlBoards - Stepper Controller

👉Panther is available as a battery operated system making it perfect for remote water sampling applications. 


👉Panther Wi-Fi capabilities allow for remote control and monitoring making it ideal for aquarium dosing pumps, pool dosing systems, drain and grease trap maintenance.

👉With an IP-rated  enclosure Panther is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications that require the delivery of a single chemical at timed intervals.  

Common applications: 

👉Aquarium dosing pumps 


You can use it for automatic water changes once a week or even once a day, minor trace element additive dosing, liquid food dosing, or pretty much any other liquid your tank may need to be dosed in metered amounts.

👉Pool Dosing Systems


This is an automatic dosing system which can be used for indoor or outdoor pools. The system constantly monitors the level of chlorine and pH in the pool and adds the required amounts of chemicals to maintain the pool at the desired levels.

👉Drain dosing system


Chemical drain dosing system specifically designed to prevent the recurrence of drain blockages from Fats, Oils, Grease (FOGs) and starches in commercial kitchens.