Stepper motor to drive your next peristaltic pump application❓👇

Put off 😳 by a stepper motor driver manuals and setup time, but still want to use stepper motor to drive you next peristaltic pump application❓👇

👉Panther Turn Key 🔑 solution by SilentControlBoards to the rescue 😻
👉Plug and go! Start spinning in less than a minute ⏱
👉No technical knowledge of steppers needed to get going 🤯

Stepper motors got some bad reputation in the industry: difficult to setup, noisy, overheating...

Things have changed.

Panther by #SilenControlBoards is quiet, does not overheat and is a plug and go solution.

Steppers are great for peristaltic pumps, mixers applications etc. because they offer:

👌 Direct Drive = no gearbox ⛔ ⚙️
👌 Speed range = 0.1-400+ RPM 🐢 >>🚄

No gearbox ⛔ ⚙️ =

👉 Great turn down ratio easily achieved: 1:4000
👉 Lower cost
👉 Lower noise
👉 Lower weight
👉 Smooth operation
👉 Full torque at lowest speeds
👉 Smaller footprint
👉 No leaking gearbox
👉 Longer Life
👉 Easy to control
👉 Easy to install


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Stepper Motor Drive Peristaltic Pump