What are peristaltic pumps used for?

The beauty of a peristaltic pump is that no mechanical parts come in contact with the substance being pumped. The substance pumped stays in the tubing and the pump can run dry for an unlimited amount of time and is self priming. The above qualities make it perfect for: 

👉aseptic filling

👉pumping highly viscous substances 

👉pumping substance with particles that we don't want to be damaged 

👉pumping chemically aggressive substances



The limiting factors to the technology are:

👉flow rate - usually 3 litres a minute but for huge pumps it can be as high as 1500 litres a minute but we end up with the pump is the size of a person. 

👉discharge pressure  - usually 2 bar max but can go up to 16 bar.

👉if the substance is chemically compatible with the tubing. 

To find out more ask us about the chemical compatibility table. 

If you would like help with spacing the pump give us a shout. We specialise in peristaltic pump controllers.

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